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Tsurugajo Castle, towering in Aizu, known as "Samurai City," is a historic castle located in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. It was built in the early Edo period and served as a vital stronghold in the Aizu region from the Sengoku period to the end of the Edo period. It witnessed fierce battles, particularly during the Boshin War. Today, its grandeur has been reconstructed, becoming a popular tourist destination visited by tourists and history enthusiasts.

Nanukamachi Street was Aizu's busiest downtown area from the late Edo period to the mid-Showa period, spanning 800 meters in length. Today, it's a popular destination for tourists, offering the chance to enjoy the old streetscape adorned with historic buildings.

The Aizu Samurai Residence is an outdoor museum featuring historically reconstructed or relocated buildings, centered around the residence of Saigo Yorimomo, a senior retainer of the Aizu domain. Established in 1975 to preserve the spirit of bushido in Aizu, including the restoration of the Saigo Yorimomo residence, it has become a popular tourist destination where tour buses often stop. Saigo Yorimomo, a senior retainer of the Aizu domain, was a prominent political leader in the Aizu region. His residence played a central role in shaping the Aizu Samurai Residence. The former Nakahata Jin'ya within the premises was originally built in 1837 as the magistrate's office for Matsudaira Gunjiro, a samurai of the Aizu domain, and later used as a residence after the Meiji Restoration. Acquired from the Okazaki family during the restoration of the Aizu Samurai Residence, it was relocated and designated as an important cultural property of Fukushima Prefecture.

Aizu World in Fortnite.
We are conducting further large-scale development in Fortnite.

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